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5 of Our Favourite E-commerce Websites

Imagine a world where hopping into your car for a pint of milk is a thing of the past…

Wait, don’t imagine, because soon it will be a reality. Almost every business is looking to e-commerce to make their customers lives easier. Yes, if you haven’t joined the trend already, it’s leaving you behind.

There are various e-commerce stores that are currently active in SA, and not just the fashionable kind. Pick n Pay had competitors up in arms in 2001 after they launched their e-commerce website, being the first South African supermarket chain to implement an online shopping system.

Although complaints shortly began to arise, it is safe to say that now all the rough edges have been smoothened out.

Needless to say, we love e-commerce just as much as housewives do! So much so that we’ve compiled a list of our fave online shops!

1. Amrod

Amrod features a super basic and easy to understand website design, and what we love about it is that the website shows they’re serious about service! The “contact us” button at the top of the page grabs your attention immediately so if you have any queries, you’ll know exactly where to direct them.

Short, fun videos at the bottom of the page gives users a sneak peak into each and every service they provide.

All products are easy to access and going into product pages, you’re presented with a neat layout as all specifications are neatly tucked away, you can access it by clicking the bright and easy to find “specifications” button.

Right next to it, and just as easily accessible is the “branding guidelines” button, which when opened, gives you clear do’s and don’t’s you’ll need to adhere to before you continue on your branding journey.

2. Creative brands

The first thing you’ll notice when opening up Creative Brands website is the “support hero” who immediately pops up and offers to help you navigate online payment. Very useful for any website offering a service, but also a quirky way to direct users to make a purchase.

The website is fairly easy to navigate and the entire process of branding your products is so simple. Once you’ve found the product you want to brand, you get taken through a step-by-step process, it couldn’t be simpler!

What would make a lot of people very happy is the giant green “get a quick quote” button that’s always at the top of the page.

3. Hyperli

Possibly the greatest thing about Hyperli’s website is the filter at the top of the page that immediately lets you pick a relevant location. This allows you to only view deals available within your city, so you don’t waste time scanning through deals you may never get to use.

When you click through to a deal you like, you can easily see all the relevant specifications neatly listed on the right hand side, everything from the duration of the deals validity to how much you save.

4. Superbalist

Superbalist is an extremely popular online retailer boasting some of the cleanest and most attractive product page layouts you’ll find compared to other local e-commerce website designs.

Specials and deals grab your attention at the top of the home page with their own bold buttons, yet the home page still manages maintain balance.

Even though Superbalist has an extremely wide product offering, all categories are so easy to understand and access. There are lots of extras to discover at the bottom of the home page yet they too are neat and user friendly.

5. Yuppiechef

Yuppichef is a truly beautiful e-commerce website that makes you want to shop just because it’s so attractive!

They present super neat buttons to the user, leading you to a filtered list of products or brands.

Clear call-to-action- The “deals” catch your eye in bold red sale-style and all products are neatly categorized so you’ll never feel confused or lost on their website.

Opening their product pages, the consistency continues with a clear, high-quality image on the left and a bold “add to cart” button on the right.

Right above the “add to cart” button, they clearly display to the user, in a bright coloured box, whether or not the product is in stock. This is great because it saves the user time and doesn’t let you get your hopes up trying to buy a product that is out of stock.

Similar products are neatly and clearly displayed at the bottom of the product page which is really useful when you want to compare product functionality and prices.

What makes a good e-commerce website?

Ensuring that you have a great content management system and excellent website design is a great place to start when creating user-friendly and attractive e-commerce websites, much like the ones we’ve mentioned above.

E-commerce platforms like Storefront help you do just that. Storefront offers a robust e-commerce content management system, highly responsive design and amazing built-in functionality. A quality catalogue management system and powerful enterprise features give you the option to customise your online store.

Woocommerce is another such e-commerce solution for WordPress, that simplifies e-commerce store management, making it quick and easy to set up your e-commerce store. In fact, 28% of all websites you look at on the internet were created using WordPress, making it the most popular choice overall.

Warp Development chooses to use both Storefront and Woocommerce, two excellent e-commerce solutions that make the e-commerce store management process a seamless experience!

Our Web Developers build e-commerce websites focused on converting visitors into customers, contact Warp Development today and let’s get started.

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