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8 Benefits of mobile apps and why hire a professional company to design one

What is hybrid application development?

Hybrid apps combine elements of native and web applications. Native applications are developed for specific platforms and installed on a computing device, while web applications are generalised for multiple platforms and are not installed but rather made available through internet browsers.

Features of Hybrid apps:

  • Can function whether the device is connected or not
  • Integrate with a device’s file system and web-based services
  • An embedded browser to improve access to dynamic online content

Most applications can be considered as hybrid apps. Web apps such as online banking services, typically store some content locally; locally stored native apps such as Microsoft Word, also interface to the internet.

How your company can benefit from a custom mobile app:

  • Mobile Apps are much faster than mobile websites and data is stored directly onto your device, allowing instant data retrieval.
  • Users love personalised content that is tailored to their preferences. Personalisation can be based on the users’ interest, behaviours, location etc, making it easy to cater to a personalised user experience.
  • Mobile apps offer seamless experiences with their instant access and ability to work online and offline.  
  • Mobile apps have the added advantage of using the various features of your device, so once you download an app you can use features like your camera, make payments, use GPS and fingerprint scanners etc. All the features give the user the added advantage of shortening the time spent performing these actions.
  • One of the main reasons for building an app is the ability to send instant or push notifications to your users when opening or using the app.
  • Your mobile app becomes your brand ambassador, every app is customized to your company’s branding. You can change how the app appears, colours, layout, version upgrades all according to your own specifications.
  • Mobile apps help you reach a larger audience in minimal time while reducing marketing costs. Communication between employees, vendors and customers increases and this is a major benefit of a mobile app. As you communicate directly to your customers and employees your marketing and advertising costs are drastically reduced.  
  • Mobile apps have their own unique interfaces which allow the user to have an interactive two-way experience. Content and images can be shared instantly between friends, improving engagement, and leading to faster purchasing and delivery. Google ranks your in-app content and you can also modify your content to help with increasing SEO potential for your website.

Why hire Warp Development to build a mobile app for your business?

Warp Development comprises a team of talented young professionals who develop innovative products and services with the main aim of helping your business succeed. Depending on your needs, we have the capacity to develop hybrid and native applications for Android and IOS. We create custom mobile apps with web technologies that we love, HTML, CSS and Javascript.  Through the use of the latest software and the Ionic Framework, we create custom hybrid mobile apps that perform remarkably on the latest mobile devices. Regardless of the size or complexity of your app, we can create a multitude of layouts for any app design or device. Be sure to get in touch with a product expert for your customised app development needs.

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