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Cybersecurity is everybody’s business, but it needs to be done better

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, but it’s not just a one-month event. If you’re concerned about cybersecurity and protecting people and networks, you have to look at the bigger picture. You can’t scare people into being safe; they have to learn how to be safe by themselves.

Like any other workplace safety issue, cybersecurity concerns are not going away. You’ll continue to hear about them from HR and other security-minded departments. And you should always listen to their advice because as with all workplace safety issues, the last thing you want is to be caught with your guard down when a hacker strikes.

It is good for people to be advised about how to stay safe online. A race between hackers and software companies ensures that new security flaws will always be discovered, but providing people with even basic advice on how to defend themselves from an attack goes a long way toward stopping breaches.

Cybersecurity awareness is a year-round affair, especially when it comes to protecting your business. And scaring users into compliance with security best practices isn’t the way to go.

Keep in mind: Your users are the first and often the last line of defence against cyber attacks.

Scams are hard to spot, especially the ones that occur when you’re dealing with the boss. The business email compromise (BEC) attacks are a perfect example of that—you’ll be sent an email that appears urgent, but is a scam used to steal money. The same goes for fake alerts that claim someone has hacked your account and you should follow a link to restore it—a link that will steal your password. Sometimes even lures based around the cost-of-living crisis can dupe people into falling victim to attacks.

Email attachments and links—even from unfamiliar senders—are part of the daily grind for many professionals, which puts users at risk.

So, how do you arm your users against online attacks?  

Cybersecurity Awareness Month and raising awareness is a good start, but similar initiatives are needed all year round. Remember, your team might work hard, but hackers work harder and they don’t take breaks.

The best defence against online attacks is a good offence and Warp Development has your back. We have put together a Cybersecurity Tip Sheet because knowledge is power and can go a long way in protecting your employees and your business from these malicious online attacks.

Download the Warp Cybersecurity Tip Sheet here

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