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How Cloud has changed the IT game.

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Small to large companies are jumping on the cloud bandwagon, so why all the interest you ask? The delivery of computing services over the internet (“the cloud”) comes with a whole host of benefits, and the move to cloud for business is usually finanically motivated.

Traditionally the business world required computing infrastructures consisting of complex hardware and software systems and it took a series of steps over a period of time to implement a programme safely and securely.  These email, file and domain environments are extremely tedious, support intensive, and complex to setup and maintain. Thanks to the innovations of cloud computing, processes have simplified, permanent onsite programmers or technicians are no longer needed and businesses can improve operations, save costs and enable employees to work remotely safely.

How does Cloud Improve Operations?
Cloud technology can be scaled with the computing needs of your business. In the past you would forecast how many servers you would need and have to find space in order to expand. Instead, companies can notify their cloud provider to allocate more space and be billed accordingly.

Cloud enables a flexible work force
Cloud has enabled transformation in the workplace, providing the opportunity for employees to work remotely and connect globally with ease, as all information is stored in the cloud.  Software programmes can also be distributed to authorized employees to activate from any location without having to distribute discs or download from an ftp server, all ensuring a more productive work place.

Save on Infrastructure Costs
Computing via cloud servers offers companies a decrease in infrastructure costs as employees rotate between office and home and startups are able to compete in a leveled playing field as it’s no longer necessary to have a costly IT infrastructure to be competitive. Businesses can start with a cheaper and less capable service and then expand their cloud computing services as their business grows. IT support can be handled quickly and efficiently without being on site.

Safely Store Data
Trusted cloud services are constantly upgrading security measures to ensure data in the cloud is not compromised. Utilizing cloud storage services ensures a solution for businesses who employ travelling personnel, who are often faced with the loss of a laptop or device. The risk of loss of documentation, classified information and security breaches can be reduced when utilising cloud-based services.

We offer a comprehensive range of cloud computing solutions from Microsoft AzureAmazon Web ServicesN-Able and more.

By outsourcing your IT support to a managed service provider your company benefits from the qualifications, knowledge and expertise you need to implement cloud technology so you can focus on growing your business.

Contact our Managed IT experts today for a free assessment or email sales@warpdevelopment.co.za

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