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Hybrid Apps and the dawn of Ionic

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Apps are the future of B2B transactions, internal operations and interactions with clients, and as the popularity of apps increase the question of “What type of app” arises more often.

The maturity of the Ionic Framework, and the supporting Ionic Dashboard, has changed the way hybrid apps perform and have transformed them into a speed and performance-based machine with a range of benefits for cross-platform applications.  

Warp became the first trusted partner in Africa in the field to adopt and utilize the Ionic framework, and as such have become a premier app development house and leaders in superior performing hybrid app development.

What is the Ionic Framework?

The Ionic Framework is a hybrid mobile app development framework used to build apps using web technologies, the benefit is in terms of cross-platform support, speed of development and a rich set of tools available to developers and marketers alike to streamline and tweak apps on the fly, without going through the notorious app review processes.

Here are some of the main reasons we believe hybrid apps are excellent for your business:

  • One code for allIonic offers flexibility for building refined cross platform apps with advanced user interfaces which enables your app to be functional on IOS, Android and web application platforms from one development code.
  • UI/UXThe Ionic platform allows Hybrid apps to have better customization options for UI/UX design allowing your app to stand out from the masses by including options for motion, buttons, menus, vibrant colors and the added feature of publishing your app in multiple languages.
  • SupportUsing the Ionic dashboard we quickly get notified of problems, and we can react and deploy corrections to your app within minutes. This means we will always be on hand to deliver superior customer service and ensure your app is always up and running. Experience little to no downtime, while support offered.

It has become apparent that a fast, user-friendly, mobile solution is no longer just a maybe option. The benefits of Ionic and the use of a hybrid app over native apps are undeniable as speed of development and execution is key to providing a first-class user experience for bespoke app solutions.

Opt for an App development house that can make the benefits of a hybrid app come to life, and future proof your business by talking to one of our experts today.

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