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My Pregnancy Journey App Wins Award

In a country plagued by the highest adolescent pregnancy rate in the world, one can only hope that a time would arise for information and education to be given the forefront it deserves in reaching millions of young African women. Pregnancy is a beautiful gift, and an expectant mother should have access to educational information regarding her pregnancy.

The My Pregnancy Journey App was created by an entrepreneur, Jacqui Rogers, who is passionate about educating and empowering women as they make their way along their pregnancy journeys. Jacqui embarked on her own journey to create an educational platform for expectant mothers and their families. With a focus on appealing to a diverse African landscape, the My Pregnacy Journey App came to life.

Jacqui worked closely with our App Development team, to develop a one of a kind app suitable for anyone on their unique and memorable pregnancy journey. The app was created by a dynamic app development team, who utilised the Ionic framework to create an app that performs and behaves exceptionally and looks beautiful.

The user-friendly app covers all the various stages of pregnancy and has features for mom, baby and dad! Some of the features include:

  1. Keeping track of important dates and appointments
  2. Monitoring your growth progress
  3. Keeping track of your baby scans and pictures
  4. Helpful nutritional tips
  5.  Account for all medication
  6. Viewing checklists for packing your hospital bag
  7. Staying focused and calm when its time to have your baby

It was no surprise to hear that Jacqui was recently recognised at the annual MTN App of the Year Awards celebration as the Best Women in STEM solutionThis exceptional app has revolutionised the use of technology in yet another aspect of our lives.

Download the ‘My Pregnancy Journey App’ from the Google Play or Apple App Store.

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