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What is WatchGuard?

WatchGuard is a pioneer in cutting edge cyber security technology. It is renowned for delivering easy-to-deploy and easy-to-manage solutions to over 80 000 enterprises world-wide. Being an industry leading security network, offering secure WiFi and multi factor authentication, WatchGuard offers network products and services to small and medium sized businesses enabling them to protect their most valued assets.

In a world governed by the evolution of the cyber security landscape, new threats emerge constantly, and WatchGuard makes enterprise-grade cyber technology accessible for every company.

The benefits of WatchGuard

  • Enterprise-Grade security – Every organisation large or small should have access to the most effective security technologies available. WatchGuard’s unique product architecture enables customers to utilise best security services from the most respected brands.

  • Simplicity – Simplicity is the key to successful adoption of technology.All WatchGuard products are designed to configure and deploy, but also with a centralised management, make ongoing policy and network management simple.

  • Performance – Organisations nowadays need to take a layered approach when protecting their networks. WatchGuard’s platform has been engineered to deliver the fastest throughput when it matters – with all security engines turned on.

  • Visibility – WatchGuard is known for its visibility tools both on WatchGuard Cloud Visibility and on-premises solution Dimension. These enable busy IT managers to instantly identify and take action to resolve potential network threats.

  • Future-proof – WatchGuard’s unique architecture makes it quick and easy to add new, innovative network security services.It also makes it easy to upgrade or change existing services and technologies without becoming a time-consuming development project.

Warp Development and WatchGuard

WatchGuard adds a security layer between our client’s network and the internet. WatchGuard has an Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS) that uses continually updated signatures to scan traffic on all major protocols to provide real-time protection against network threats. It also has a Web-Blocker URL Filter that blocks known malicious sites and with granular content filtering tools to block inappropriate content and increase productivity.  With Application Control you can allow, block or restrict access to apps based on department, job function and time of day. You can also see in real time what’s being accessed and by whom. Gateway AntiVirus continuously updates signatures, identifies and blocks unknown spyware, viruses, Trojans and more. The spam Blocker does Real-Time spam detection and is so fast it can review up to 4 billion messages per day. For ensured network protection and real-time updates get in touch with our Managed IT team, we’ll find the network firewall security solution for you.

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