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Smart Skies

Mobile App for Pilots and Airfield Dashboard.

Background on the client

The client is an aviation company that requires a comprehensive solution for pilots to manage pre-flight processes, access airfield information, track flight data and logbooks, monitor pilot health, and manage aircraft status. Additionally, the client needed an airfield
dashboard to efficiently handle PPR (Prior Permission Required) requests, view incoming flight statuses, and update pilots’ contact information.

Smart Skies interface on mobile devices

The identified problem that needed a solution:

What solution did Warp provide:

The client needed a user-friendly mobile app for pilots and an efficient airfield dashboard to streamline operations and enhance communication between pilots and airfields. They approached Warp Development for assistance in developing these solutions.

Warp Development initially converted the client’s React Native project to Expo, providing a more streamlined and efficient development environment. They then continued to assist with developing app functionality, backend AWS Lambda functions, and the airfield dashboard
using Next. JS. Warp Development supported the client’s developers for more complex tasks and issues.

Smart skies app interface on mobile devices

The Results

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