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Our Work

Meet some of the amazing companies we work with.

Ferremundo is a leading company in Ecuador, specialising in retail and wholesale distribution of hardware, tools, and construction materials, serving professionals and individual customers.
DebtBusters in Cape Town serves over 75,000 South Africans with tailored debt relief solutions and a web portal, Smartcents, for transparent financial management and education.
Volvo Cars South Africa is a brand committed to improving lives by offering personal, sustainable, and secure mobility solutions. With a strong emphasis on safety and a legacy of innovation, Volvo is
The Hyperli brand exists as three expressions: an employee facing brand, a customer facing brand, and a partner facing brand. A hybrid app was selected for their partner facing mobile application for
Towards the end of 2016, the ex Groupon South Africa team approached us with a challenge to create a solid E-commerce marketplace in order to sell local experiences, products and getaways to
Waltons, an online retailer of school supplies and other items, sought to expand its platform by incorporating school shopping lists for back-to-school.
Maroela Media needed a presence on the Google and Apple app stores with an app that could receive push notifications, show articles from selected categories and allow the user to send news
Gembridge helps you discover a wide variety of the world’s best gem-quality stones and jewellery at the best prices. Every stone on Gembridge is expertly appraised and catalogued, curated in places where

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