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Managed IT Referral Programme

Refer a Friend and Get Paid!

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Do you know a business that could benefit from our Managed IT solutions? 

Warp Development offers all-inclusive remote and onsite IT Management and full automation of network infrastructure: 

What do you get as a referral participant? 

As a referral participant, you’ll receive a once-off commission payment for each successful sale and valid transaction. The amount paid is related to the number of support agents the client orders, and commission is awarded per valid transaction (a new signed 12-month Warp Managed IT Service Level Agreement SLA with a minimum of 5 users).  

If you refer a 25-user business that successfully signs up with Warp, you’ll receive R 300 x 25 = R 7 500 once-off. Referral commissions are awarded after the referrer has maintained their Warp account in good standing for three calendar months.  

How does it work?

Fill in the form and refer a contact to qualify as a referral participant. 

Warp will analyse the referral’s IT needs and put a plan in place. 

Receive your once-off referral commission.

Fill in the form to refer a contact

Managed IT Referral Programme FAQ’s

Is there a cost to joining the Warp Managed IT Referral Programme?

There is no cost to apply or be registered as a referral participant with Warp Managed IT. Register your details and the referrals that you personally want to refer and gain the rewards, there is no cost. 

Many Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have had to expand their service offering in an attempt to stand out from the crowd, however the basic managed services model remains relatively constant, in short, it involves proactively outsourcing a process or service such as managed IT services.

Any business, entity, or individual with a valid tax ID number and a primary place of business or residence in South Africa can participate. However, certain entities like government officials, political parties, and representatives of Warp are excluded.

The managed service model is a proactive approach to the outdated reactive response on your IT infrastructure. The reactive model entails responsive services from your service provider who will only charge you for services rendered. Your business will only require servicing once something breaks, this makes the managed services approach a far more beneficial approach in respect to IT as it can greatly assist your business in streamlining operations while remaining cost efficient in the long term.

Managed Services is by far the most cost-effective IT solution and this shows in the long term. Due to the constant threat of being hacked, information security is another main reason why businesses will need Managed Services. Protect your business from data loss and gain access to tailored IT support and regular maintenance.

The Warp Managed IT Referral Programme Agreement governs your participation in our referral program. It outlines the terms and conditions for referring new customers to Warp Managed IT Services in South Africa. Read more about it here.